How to Win at Slots

Slot machines, whether online or in a land-based casino, is a classic casino game that has entertained players for many years. From the traditional lever-pull machines of old Vegas to the modern video games that you can play online, the allure of these games has never diminished. There are so many different versions available and each one has their own bonuses and special features. So how do you possibly try to win at slots with so many different variations? What are some tricks and strategies on how to win at slots? Well, no matter what specific slot game you are playing, whether it is a traditional reel game or a progressive slot game, here are some basic strategies that you can use.

Know the Slot Machine Rules

The first and basic tip on how to win at slots is to know the slot machine rules. Every slot game is different and has different rules. Some of them have wild symbols and scatter symbols while others don’t. Some of the slots have more than one bonus round. There can be numerous reels with a variety of paylines and so on. If you sit down at a game thinking to play it exactly like you did the last game, you are setting yourself up to lose. Read the rules and give yourself a few practice spins before you get really committed.

Compare Slot Payouts

Some games have bigger slot machine payouts than others and it is important to know what those payouts are. You should always compare payouts on different games and select the one that gives you the highest payout per coins spent. Some games require more coins in order to win a lower payout while there are others than require less coins for a higher payout. Don’t be fooled by a games flashy graphics and sounds. Shop around to make the best decision for your pocketbook.

Slots Strategy - Sit Down For The Long Haul

Another good tip for how to win at slots is to keep in mind the odds of winning. Chances are you are not going to win big after the first few spins, not to mention winning again after even a few more spins. You have to have patience and be prepared to sit at a machine until it yields some results. This could take awhile and it is important to keep track of how much money you are putting into the machine. Don’t sit there waiting for the odds to turn in your favor and go broke. Even if the machine doesn't yield the jackpot, it should still return some decent winnings.

Know When to Quit Playing Slots

Many people who play slots simply don’t know when to quit. They will sit there until all their money is gone or they will make a big win and end up putting it all back into the machine. Hint: This is how a casino makes money! Don’t fall into that trap. Once you have hit a big win at a slot machine, it is time to quit that machine. Some people argue that you never walk away when a machine is hot. But let’s think. The odds of a big win on a slot machine are small so if you have already made a big win, what are the chances of it happening again? Yes, it has been known to happen but that is why it is called gambling. If you play the odds, you know that it is going to be unlikely.

Don’t Rely on Luck with Slot Machines

How To Win at Slot MachinesThere are very few casino games that you should rely solely on luck and slots are not one of them. The symbols on the payline are going to come up at random but if you sit and play without any form of strategy, you are increasing your chances of losing. Don’t play by hunches alone. Read up on tips and strategies (like this one) and approach the machine with a game plan.

Stay Alert and Focused - Playing Slots

Here is another hint on how to win at slots: stay alert. So many players sit at the slot machines for hours without a break or pause. As you get tired, you start to lose your focus which, when it comes to casino games, translates into making mistakes. You might forget to bet the maximum and hit a series of symbols that would have yielded a high payout IF the maximum had been wagered. It’s your money so you can’t afford to lose your concentration.

Always Bet the Max at Slots

No matter what slot game you are playing, always bet the max. If you hit the symbols for the jackpot, you don’t want to have to beat your head against the wall because you didn't play the required maximum wager. Just about every jackpot requires the maximum bet. You will also win the larger payouts if you bet the maximum. But don’t play slot games where the maximum price is too high for your budget. Find a game closer to your price range and stick to it.

Budget Your Slots Bankroll!

The most important tip on how to win at slots is to budget. Any time you go to a casino, whether land-based or online, you need to set up a working budget and stick to it. You need to decide how much you can afford to lose before you ever sit down to play. The biggest mistake many people make is either not setting up a budget or blowing it because they weren't disciplined enough to stick to it.


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