Slot Machine Secrets

The truth is there are no slot machine secrets.

People have been trying to break into or cheat slot machines since their invention as a gambling tool in the early 20th century (they were previously used to dispense candies and gum).

Since modern slot machines are based on random number generation and computer programming, there simply are no secrets or tricks to beating slot machines. Devices are sold online, books are sold in many forms, even videos and online classes are taught in "how to beat slots" -- but you just can't.

Slot Machine Myths & Secrets

Here are some common myths about slots and a bit of explanation about why these "slot machine secrets" simply aren't true.

The best way to "beat" a slot? Read up on your slot machine myths, avoid the advice of these snake oil salesman "slot beaters", and watch your payout schedule.

Slot Machine Secrets and MythsHere are my favorite 8 "slot secrets" -- myths that can be easily debunked.

  1. A player can spot a slot machine that is about to pay out.

    A winning slot machine cannot be spotted by looks alone -- in fact, it can't be spotted at all. Even a slot machine in a bank of machines with high payout percentages is not a guaranteed jackpot producer -- remember that payouts are based on a random number generator. It is the RNG which hands out the winnings - not the machine itself. Don't fall for any scheme that tries to teach you "how to spot a hot slot".

  2. Casinos always place loose machines in specific locations.

    This is the one myth that one may not be able to completely debunk -- in fact, if you're looking for a "slot machine secret", this myth might lead you to one. There may be some stock in the notion of finding looser machines in high traffic areas like near the cashier line -- still, so called "loose machines" are not always going to be placed in the same spots. Casinos move their machines around all the time, and control the percentages of machines from a central computer. Why would a house allow a bank of "loose slots" to exist for any amount of time? The principle kind of makes sense, but I can't imagine any casino I've ever been to being in the business of handing out money.

  3. You can determine your odds of winning by counting the number of symbols on a reel.

    Remember that the random number generator uses a series of numbers -- a "virtual reel" that corresponds to the actual reel, which will always affect the odds in a different way. Certain "slot busting" methods based on just counting the symbols and spaces on the visible reels to determine odds are far too simplistic. Don't want to sound like a broken record, but it is near impossible to beat the random number generator.

  4. Slot machines can be tightened or loosened on a moments notice.

    As has been mentioned already, casinos can and do control (to some degree and with legal limitation) the payout of machines. While it is theoretically possible for a casino to change out the computer chip in a slot machine, this does not happen at a moment's notice -- in fact, in certain areas it is illegal for casinos to alter payouts during live play, that is, where casinos are watched closely. Do not think there is some magic button above the casino floor to open or close a slot -- there is regulation, but it is far subtler than that. Slot busting methods that teach you to wait for the machine to get "hot" are full of hot air.

  5. A "cold machine" is more likely to turn hot than it is to continue not paying out.

    Again, since the payouts are regulated by a random number generator (noticing a pattern?) there is no formula for predicting when a machine may payout big - or at all. A "cold" slot machine could theoretically stay cold for as long as mathematics and the laws of entropy determine. You are dealing with random forces when you play slots -- these forces are tough to overcome. Yes, a slot must meet the payout percentage programmed into the computer, but there is no telling if this will be met gradually over the course of a few weeks, a few days, a few sessions, or even a few minutes. See the above hint for more on that.

  6. You can win more often by pulling the arm of the slot machine rather than pushing the spin button.

    As far as the slot machine or the random number generator is concerned, both of these playing options are signals to start a mathematical process -- all you see is the flashy spinning the reels. Once the reels start spinning, the RNG has already determined whether it will be a winning or losing spin. If anything, it is the timing of spinning the reels, and not how one gets them spinning. Methods of beating the slots that teach you to outthink a random number generator by pressing a button is ripping you off.

  7. Putting a hot coin in a machine will increase a players chances of winning.

    This is just ridiculous, but I still see people do this in casinos. Do not, under any circumstances, pull out your lighter and warm up your coin before inserting this. The number of websites that suggest this myth is staggering, and I think most casino owners would have you tossed out. These machines are expensive and this method is worthless anyway. Anyone who understands how a slot machine operates will know that a hot coin (meaning hot from a real flame) is not going to warm up the gears and get them to "loosen" up. This myth was likely started by an optimistic and creative gambler who had a few too many to drink.

  8. Payback percentages are best on the weekends.

    This is like the old adage that you shouldn't buy a car made on a Monday -- the idea being that the workers were angry to be at work after the weekend and would do a shoddy job of putting the car together. Here the idea is that the casino wants to attract customers by opening up the slots during heavy traffic times. Hopefully you've read the above hints that prove that casinos simply wouldn't do this -- although casinos may change their betting stakes to accommodate certain types of players at certain times of the day, the payouts of slot machines still operate on a random basis as dictated by the random number generator.

Hopefully, your next slot trip will be for fun, and not in any attempt to beat the slots. There are no "slot machine secrets" -- bring lots of money, earn a few free drinks, and read your payout schedules.

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